Black Sheep Garden

Frequently asked questions

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    What is a CSA?
    CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a system where people buy directly from the grower, committing to a certain amount in advance. This helps the small growers better supply amazing produce. The buyer gets a 'share' weekly for the time he/she has selected.
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    What if I don't like something in the box?
    We always encourage everyone to try everything at least once, as fresh, biodynamic, heirloom produce is usually much tastier than the same items you have experienced before. However, we are certainly happy to work with you and switch items out if you really feel strongly about certain items.
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    What is biodynamic?
    Biodynamic is a growing system in which no chemical fertilizers or pesticides/herbicides/fungicides are used. All waste is recycled on site and returned to the soil for enrichment. It is a stricter system than Organic. The aim is to have a closed loop system that benefits everyone.
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    What does heirloom mean?
    Heirlooms are older varieties, usually not cultivated for mass production for various reasons related to grocery store or shipping requirements. They are true, not hybridized or GMO. Always pollinated naturally, passed down for generations, and usually a lot tastier than hybrid varieties.
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    How often do I get a box?
    Once a week for the term of your agreement.
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    Do you deliver?
    We sure do, for a $5 fee. We cover a good bit of Dallas, all of Oak Cliff. Just zip us a message to check for your specific location.
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    What if I go on vacation?
    We are happy to pause your CSA boxes and start you back up when you return home. Please just give us at least two (2) weeks notice and a return date.
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    How much do I get?
    The exact weight and amount varies by week due to crop availability. You will receive the full value of crop in your box weekly. Each box will be enough for 1-2 adults, depending on how veggie addicted you are.
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